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  1. Hi, your mum put me on to your blog today.. I am from Ireland, now basing in Adelaide Australian and currently in Mussoorie,,, have been here on and off since 1998… IRish place names like Mullingar, Tipperary, Tullamore lodge, Kennedy lodge, SHamrock cottage etc got me interested in reading a bit more about the history here thsi week… some interesting articles in the onlne Garhwal post about Irish Captain Young who built Mullingar, the beginnings of Mussoorie as a town and “Pahari” Wilson who on his first trip to Mussoorie left as there were too many Irish in the place. He and his Garhwali wife are now laid to rest in a cemetary on Camel’s back road. Also, when JFK’s grandfather left Ireland for the USA a branch of the same Kennedy clan came to Mussoorie, India… during Irish potato famine times by the sounds of it… Just read some of your blog and thought the online Garwhal post might interest you. Blog is very enjoyable and can very much relate to your feelings as you leave India… hope the rest of the travels go well!! Dee Kennedy

    • Thanks, Dee. Yes, I’ve long been fascinated by the history of Mussoorie and a little of that features in my novel, which is set there, including the wonderful Mullingar House. I hadn’t heard about the Kennedy connection though. Very interesting. Thanks for writing, Merryn

  2. Gillian Armstrong

    Seeing the steps reminded me of Mexico. It was also exhausting. I’m not surprised you needed the sticks.

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