“Around the World in 80 Wickets” is the story of a family from Scotland (sort-of) travelling the world for seven months exploring countries, cultures and communities by extending a friendly cricket bat.  If it is not immediately obvious, Merryn is neither a sports writer nor a cricket buff.  For intelligent analysis of the game and latest match results, look elsewhere.  (Recommendations of good sites welcome!)  But for sharing discoveries about the game and the places we play and the people we meet, you have come to the right blog.


PS  My thanks to an anonymous donor linked to the Tom McGrath Trust who gave a contribution towards replacing cricket balls en route.  I do hope we shall hit enough sixes into jungles and rivers to merit your generosity.

  1. tom alter’s son, jamie alter has written books on cricket (but, are we surprised? ; ). he’d be a good name to google for more “intelligent analysis of the game”!

  2. Hey Fellow Annapurna Base Camp Trekkers:) it’s Bee and Jack! Back from this amazing part of the world,having witnessed what you did but for 2 days and 2 nights, with spectacular full Moon and ignited skies of stars, and beautiful warm sunny days! We made it back ALL in one piece although we will confess we had our DOUBTS…those DREADED STAIRS!!!!! but we managed with only one slip and no injury on the last day in Ulleri. RELIEF! Spent 3 days in Pokhara, disappointed that the sky never cleared to see those majestic and stunning Mountain peaks…oh well..we saw them up close. We loved meeting you and your wonderful boys and so glad you too had a wonderful trek. We wonder where you might be now, so drop us an email as we set off for the holidays on a safari to South Africa and a dive with the Great Whites! Hope you have a most memorable and joyous holiday and trip ahead wherever it takes you. Those boys will be filled with tales for a life time! Send them out west and we will organize a game of cricket somewhere in lake Tahoe or perhaps on the GGBridge! 🙂 All the Best to you, safe journey with laughter and fun!
    Love Bee and Jack, ps cute photo to send you ?? a hard copy not email copy!

  3. I couldn´t help but comment when I saw the title of your blog! I wrote a blog a few years ago called “Around the world in 90 postcards” when I travelled in a circle around the world, over a three month period, and sent a real, handwritten snail-mail postcard each day to someone I knew!

    What a wonderful gift you are giving to your family – the gift of travel. You are enriching their imaginations and, as Thoreau said: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

    I wish you safe and happy travels 🙂


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