Time to Up Stumps

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Team Highlight

Team Highlight

Friends, family and other folks, thank you for journeying with us on Eighty Wickets.  It’s time, alas, for this log of our cricket capers to draw to a close.  Not because we’ve stopped playing, because I can’t see that ever happening so long as the Spin Doc is amongst us (and he seems in pretty good health), nor because  we’ve stopped exploring, which we never will (even if it’s just to work out what really does lurk at the bottom of our wheelie bin), but because my time is focused on other things.

What am I up to?  Well, there’s been a lot of very interesting work in the mix, with supply teaching in History and Modern Studies taking much time and head space.  I suddenly find myself grappling with the Scottish Wars of Independence (Wallace and friends), development and aid, the Holocaust, the European Union and NATO, contemporary China, and crime and punishment – all in two days a week!  I also recently led a creative writing workshop for the Highland GP (family doctor) Trainers’ Conference which was hugely rewarding, and am planning a Murder Mystery writing day for high school pupils at a local grand house.  (Cluedo meets Monarch of the Glen.)

On the writing front, there’s that radio play series I mentioned that’s slowly working its way through the hoops towards commission (hopefully).  It’s the story of a Scottish family who find themselves obliged to make a hazardous journey to a remote school in Nepal.  Funny where the ideas come from…  Then I’ve usually got a new short story on the go and was recently short-listed for the Willesden Herald competition and will be published in their anthology.  I’m also writing some poetry every day and will give time soon to polishing that and getting it published, and there are a few articles on the bubble, with another one recently accepted by the Guardian.  (Will let you know when it’s published.)  And there’s my novel, which I thought was finished (several times actually) but is back on the desk for the final, final, FINAL time.  The changes this time are ruthless and quick and I am determined to secure publication for it before the year is out, even if that means doing it myself.  (An increasingly viable and attractive option.)

But for more on all of the writing, teaching and creative buzz, I’d love you to visit my brand new sparkly website: www.merrynglover.com

That is where the story continues.  Come on over and play!

And for those who would like a nostalgic review of the Eighty Wickets tour, here are some of the top posts: The First Pitch, Old School Ties, Payback Tour, Bowled Over at the Top of the World, People’s Republic of Cricket, Raiders of the Lost Pitch and Capetown Fair and Foul,



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  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour! It was a pleasure to see the world through cricketing (and-non-cricketing) eyes. Well played. And now you can walk back to the pavillion as the sun slants golden… and into a new innings that lie ahead for tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Andi. You guys were the first team on the road, and what a memorable game that was. Blessings to all the Eichers.

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